Our most frequently asked questions and answers

Well first off, THANK YOU for taking the time to fill out the form and taking interest in our services!

We try to answer as quick as possible. We usually respond within 72 hours, however, we can sometimes take a bit longer to respond.

In the event you don’t hear from us sooner, please email us at: [email protected].

It’s possible that we didn’t get your submission or there may have been an error in the inserted email within the form.

We will only contact you through email until you give us permission to contact your preferred phone number or other method of communication. We find email to be a professional middle ground that isn’t invasive to your privacy. So, definitely keep an eye on your designated email address for all things related to correspondence!

We understand that life is busy and isn’t linear or as convenient for everyone. Therefore, the studio’s hours vary.

We’ll always try work out a schedule to accommodate scheduling needs.

If you’re contacting us, we may not be able to answer immediately. You’ll almost always hear a response within 48 hours (weekends may be longer). If it’s an absolute emergency, then please let us know within the message or instant message us through the website.

Studio 222 Recording typically only determines rates based on each individual project. Therefore, it’s crucial to fill out our form so we can compile the project’s needs to determine your unique quotation!

We do offer bulk discounts. Our bulk discounts are determined by how many songs are within the quoted project. Filling out the contact form will help us determine the discount.

You’ll always see the discount factored into the quote of your project.

Our bulk discounts begin at a minimum of 4 songs of a project.

We accept every form of payment including:

  • Cash
  • Credit Cards (through Waves invoicing)
  • Debit Cards (throuhg Waves invoicing)
  • Venmo
  • PayPal
  • CashApp (will be discontinued Fall, 2022)

Our main form of payment method, however, is through Wave’s Invoicing secure invoicing system.

When a song/project is finished, you will be sent an invoice detailing each service provided. The invoices have an option to pay directly to the invoice statement which include bank transfers and credit card (pre-paid card, debit card, etc.) payments. Please note, due to the nature of credit card processing, there is a 2.8% fee on each credit card payment. To avoid the fee, we suggest using a different means of payment.

We do not accept checks or money orders.

You can visit this page, or email us at either of these emails anytime!

For scheduling, we like to use Google Calendar to establish a schedule so that way, we both know when the session is scheduled. We prefer G-mail email addresses for just this reason, but we aren’t picky.

We recommend to begin booking at least a month in advanced to secure your project’s needed time. We can’t guarantee any last minute scheduling due to availability.

Actually, yes! If you have any previously recorded material, instrumentals, sound FX, or anything that may pertain to your project, please send those in advanced! We always prep our sessions before the session actually begins so we can maximize our time in the studio together!

You can send these with whatever method of file transfer you find easiest. Be sure to send to this email with any of those methods.

Email: [email protected]


We understand life and how unpredictable it can be sometimes. If you’re 10-15 minutes late, just let us know asap.

That being said, in extreme circumstances, if you miss more than half of your booked time, the session could be subject to rescheduling and loss of a deposit. Rarely, if ever, does this happen.

Please note, the scheduled time is what we must bill you. We prep the studio in advanced per session to ensure productivity to achieve everyone’s goals.


Out of courtesy, we generally ask to be notified at least 48 hours in advance. If you do not notify us outside of 24 hours before a cancellation, you will lose your deposit.

However, we understand emergencies happen and are completely uncontrollable, so we’re always happy to try and help in anyway possible.


Yes! We always try to give your a rough mix after you finish your tracking session.

Typically, we don’t have an issue with it! Just be sure to let us know how many people you may want to attend.


No. We do not allow smoking in the studio at any time.

Bring anything you may need for the session! This includes: a laptop, charger, instrumentals, food or drinks, camera, etc.

At the very least, you should always expect to bring a copy of the instrumental/beat or the session we will be working with. We reserve the right to refuse downloading from pirating websites, downloading from YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. with third-party converters.


Please don’t bring anything illegal to the studio. This includes: drug paraphernalia, drugs or similar substances, firearms, weapons, etc. If you have any of these with you, you may be asked to leave the premises.

We’ll do our absolute best to never have to cancel on you! However, in the event a cancelation may happen, we will contact you immediately and you will receive a full refund of your deposit for the session. In addition, we will be in contact with you immediately to reschedule any time/sessions as soon as possible.


Remote sessions are available but require specific equipment and software for both parties. Please let us know if that’s something you’re interested in and we can discuss further.


We will never delete your files intentionally. However, technology is never 100% reliable so while we will always try to maintain and archive data, in the event of a data mishap (hard drive failure, etc.), we may not always have access to old sessions/files. Please speak to us about how you can help in file archiving!

In addition, under certain circumstances, older sessions may not be 100% recallable due to software limitations. So, it’s vital to contact us ASAP if you need anything. We reserve the right to not being held liable nor responsible for lost or missing files in event of a mishap.


We really want you to be satisfied with your product, so we try to stick to an unlimited revision basis within reason. After 30 days from completion, any revision for the project may result in an additional charge.

If the revision requires re-recording or re-editing due to changing of lyrics, arrangement, etc. then an additional charge will be applied.

We will ALWAYS inform you for any incurred charges before proceeding with the requested revision.

Of course! You will receive a zip folder of files upon project completion. These files include:

  1. Final Files
  2. Clean (Radio) Edits
  3. Instrumentals
  4. A Cappella
  5. TV Mix

Absolutely! All you have to do is send us your multi-tracks of your song and we will take it from there! We’ve mixed for people from here in Michigan, to Arizona, to people in Ghana!

After completing the quote form, you will be guided to a confirmation page. On the page, you will find an exportation guide to help you through the process. Also, in your confirmation email, you will be sent instructions on how to exactly prepare and send everything from your session to us.

We use Google Drive to exchange files, so it’s recommended you use a Gmail account.

We also recommend you ZIP your folders so it takes less time to upload.

Absolutely! We’ll consolidate the audio files and send to them/their studio/engineer. All we need is their email and we’ll take care of all the details from there!