Studio Preparation Guide

Everything you need to prep for to be successful in the studio and in music production!

This studio preparation guide has all the information in it that you need to get prepped and ready for your time in the studio! A must read for the first timer or the recording pro.

Easy Theory for Music Producers

The absolute fastest way to learn basic theory for electronic music production, even if you’ve tried and failed before!

Join Eric Hitchens on his journey to teach his fool-proof methods of learning music theory FAST using today’s modern production techniques. No Mozart required!

Studio 222 Recording Track Sheet

Help take control of your projects by being as detailed as possible!

Whether you’re a seasoned-pro or just making your way into your artistry, take control of your projects by using our dedicated Track Sheet we send to our artists at the end of a project! We recommend using this with your choice of tablet and stylus.

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